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Practice under test-taking conditions. Marking by a real IELTS Tutor. The opportunity to ask questions about your marked submission. A sample answer for the question.
IELTS Write is for students who are studying for the Academic IELTS and need help and practice with the writing section of the test.
Currently IELTS Write is only for Academic IELTS. If you're a General Training IELTS Student and are interested in IELTS Write let us know! We will tell you when our system has something for you.
No problem. You can log in with your email address. Once logged in, visit your profile to find your username.
If you need to purchase an extension to give yourself more time to answer a question, you have a choice between 15 days, 30 days and 45 days.
You can contact our Customer Service team at any time on:write@ielts.express, or fill in this form.

Buying Questions

Our question packages are created dynamically so that you will never accidentally buy the same question twice. If you can't buy a package, it's because we can't create a package with questions you haven't answered. Please check back later, we're always adding new questions.
Log in to IELTS Write and go to the question you would like to answer again. Find the 'Want to try again?' button. This will add the question to your shopping bag.
You should buy whichever questions you'd like to practise. The IELTS Writing test consists of one Task 1 and one Task 2 question. These questions fall into different question types: bar graph, or discussion for example. For more information on this, check out our IELTS Edge blog post on the different question types.

Answering Questions

Log in to IELTS Write, find the question you wish to answer, either in the Dashboard or in My Questions from the left hand side menu. Click 'Answer Now'.
No. IELTS Write provides writing test practice under test-taking conditions. Once you start answering a question, the timer starts and you must submit your answer in one session. Be careful and ensure that you have enough time to answer the question before you start.
Test-taking conditions means that you have a time limit and will not be able to start and stop once you begin to write your answer.
IELTS Write provides two timing options:
Strict timing is the same as the IELTS Writing test. 20 minutes for Task 1, 40 minutes for Task 2, 60 minutes for the whole test.
Practice timing gives you some more time, 60 minutes each for Task 1 and Task 2, and 90 minutes for the whole test.
If you buy a 'Full Test' package, this is one random question from Task 1 and one random question from task 2, in the same way that your real IELTS writing exam will be. You will have 60 (or 90 if you choose practice timing) minutes to answer both questions. Both questions must be answered in one session.

After Answering

Our IELTS Tutors will mark your submission within 48 hours.
Your answer is graded by a real life tutor in four areas: task achievement (did you answer the question?), coherence and cohesion (did your ideas flow well?), lexical resource (did you use a good range of vocabulary?), grammatical range and accuracy (did you use a variety of grammar structures?).
You will also get an IELTS Write rank, some comments and a marked PDF version of your answer.
We don't. We provide an IELTS Write ranking which is roughly equivalent to an IELTS Band Score. Legal reasons.
If you have a question about your marks, you can ask your tutor. If you have a question about something unrelated, unfortunately your tutor can't help.
Please let us know! Send a message to write@ielts.express or, in your marked answer, scroll to the bottom and click 'Feedback'. Filling this form in will send us a message, but your tutor won't know anything.